Digital fluency

From the age five I would play games on the computer, I used computers throughout all my education and technology has been a part of my childhood. I own an iPhone, iPad, Macbook laptop, TV.. but does this make me digitally fluent? I say no, it doesn’t, despite being surrounded by technology each and every day I am still being taught tricks on the iPad in the pre-primary class I work with and also with appliances by my mum!

digital fluency 3

Howell (2014) questions what skills, aptitudes and abilities are required in the classroom to be considered digitally fluent. It is important to teach students the technological skills they need to a successful future, so what exactly do we need to teach? Students going through the school system now will be surrounded by technologies in school and on the workforce. Without basic and necessary learning, it would be a great disadvantage for a student to not be digitally fluent. To be digitally fluent is also described as being digitally literate and in the 21st century, to be digitally literate is equally important as being English literate. Watch this clip for further understanding of digital literacy in the digital age we live in today. today.

digital fluency

As teacher’s our role is to have the skills and knowledge to be able to teach students how to use and create with technology. White (2013) explains that changes in the curriculum as essential to changing the way students are taught digital skills. Digital skills can also be taught in an integrated learning manner by using technologies in core subjects such as English and science. This teaching skill enable students to use digital technologies in a practical and applied approach, a skill that will be useful for the future.

To read the full article by Gerald White and to understand the importance of digital skills in the Australian education system, follow this link.


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